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AP Software


Plena AP Robot

Purchase Order Scanning( AP Robot)

Personalized PO Policies

Purchase order processes that work for you and save time. All invoices go through customized OCR, advanced data extraction, and approval workflows before submitting for payment.

Matching Engine

Built for 2-way and 3-way matching, AP robot provides the flexibility you need to eliminate hours of manual matching process. The robot will provide auto-match logs and flag items with discrepancies that require human review.

3 Way Matching Process of AP Robot
Tolerance Range of AP Robot

Tolerance Ranges

Rather than manually reviewing all mismatches between invoices, purchase orders, and receiving reports, you can create tolerance thresholds based on amounts or percentages, so an invoice is still considered “matched” if it falls within the threshold.

Frictionless Exceptions

Exceptions are bound to occur when certain unexpected scenarios occur in the real world. Robots have been equipped with a user-friendly portal so humans can get them resolved quickly.

Frictionless exceptions

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