4 Prospecting Tools You Can’t Live Without

August 15, 2022

Sales prospecting can often feel like panning for gold. Sifting through hundreds of LinkedIn pages, dialing and redialing cold calls, and scouring the internet for potential clients. At times, it can seem like sales reps are doing anything but selling. In fact, the H2 2019 Gartner report found that 34% of SDRs cite “too many non-sales activities” as a top challenge in hitting quota. And with an average of 8 cold calls to reach a prospect, your sales team needs every solution it can get to maximize their time.

34% of SDRs cite “too many non-sales activities” as a top challenge in hitting quota.

In this eBook, we’ll cover three digital tools and one cutting-edge bot that can help you cut down on manual prospecting and find those golden clients faster than ever. 

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales navigator draws from a database of over 800 million professional profiles to find users that match your buyer type. Here are the pros and cons you should know before jumping in: 


  1. Many professionals using LinkedIn keep their profiles up to date and check the platform regularly. 
  2. You can use LinkedIn’s search and filter boxes to hone in on the prospects that best match your criteria.  
  3. It has the ability to integrate with your CRM. 


  1. Users’ contact information isn’t always up to date, so this tool is better suited to messaging within the platform. 
  2. LinkedIn Sales Navigator only knows what you know. If you narrow your search to the wrong prospects, you might miss out on discovering a better audience. 
  3. You forfeit the benefits of mass outreach. You may spend too much time on fewer prospects and decrease your sales team’s ROI.

Plena SalesBot

Plena SalesBot is like prospecting on cruise control. This solution has the ability to sync with any tool on LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, SeamlessAI, Google, and Facebook. In doing so, it not only scrapes and verifies users’ contact information, but will even send them a message on your behalf. 

What this looks like in the real world: On average, for every 100 LinkedIn requests Plena Salesbot sends, 30-40 get accepted. Of those, 5-10 engage in a conversation and 1-2 set a demo. All while you’re out to lunch.


  1. Your sales team no longer has to waste valuable time pulling up and validating individual profiles and contact information. 
  2. SalesBot uses your insights like you would. After plugging in a few key criteria of your target prospects, you can walk away knowing there’s a digital copy of your knowledge scanning the web.  
  3. SalesBot is always clocked in. With around-the-clock prospecting and lead generation, your sales team can get back to what it does best — selling. 


  1. It’s a new bot on the block. But what it lacks in time, it makes up for in rave reviews. 
  2. SalesBot, like humans, isn’t perfect. But like humans, it’s getting better and smarter every day.


ZoomInfo is a leader in providing vetted contact information. This helps your sales team connect with a greater number of preferred prospects. 


  1. Compared with similar platforms, users report that ZoomInfo provides more up-to-date information on potential business contacts. 
  2. Most prospects have thorough contact profiles, giving sales teams multiple ways to connect. 
  3. The software helps connect sales teams with prospects who are already searching for the team’s solution. This pushes salespeople in the direction of warmer leads. 


  1. ZoomInfo currently doesn’t provide G Suite integration or email sequencing options. This means salespeople will have to go out of platform to contact prospects via email. 
  2. While users tout ZoomInfo’s many features, this can mean a steep learning curve for new users. 
  3. Compared with similar software solutions, ZoomInfo sits at the higher end of the pricing spectrum. 


Seamless.ai gives sales teams the contact information not only of potential prospects, but also of others in the company who may be involved with the sale. 


  1. Seamless.ai naturally integrates with Linkedin, providing prospects’ LinkedIn profiles along with contact information. 
  2. Cost-effective plans are available to multiple types of users.
  3. The software’s Chrome extension enables salespeople to use features outside of the website. 


  1. If no email information can be found on a prospect, Seamless.ai auto generates possible addresses that are often unrelated to the contact.  
  2. Like all lead generation tools, not all contact information is accurate. Users report particular difficulty finding updated information on prospects from small companies. 
  3. Seamless.ai offers less automation than its competitors, meaning a salesperson may spend more time per prospect.

Digital innovations have changed the way customers buy, and now they can change the way companies sell. With a host of new solutions at their fingertips, sales teams can streamline lead generation and regain valuable time. 

These days, the new SDR is a Sales Development Robot. By utilizing Plena SalesBot and other resources referenced in this eBook, your sales team can stop panning for clients and get to better leads, faster. 

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