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Lead Harvester

Avoid buying inaccurate lead lists or using up data credits. Leverage the massive up-to-date database of LinkedIn like you haven’t before by combining contacts in your ICP from LinkedIn to email and phone numbers of your favorite data provider.


Lead Lists are often inaccurate.

ZoomInfo and SeamlessAI credits are expensive. Limiting how many contacts you export each month.

LinkedIn has the names, titles, and companies in your ICP but lacks the phone and business email.

Filtering, cleaning and validating contacts is time consuming.

Using some clever tech and contact validation AI, Plena’s Lead Harvesting tool will generate a complete list of contacts that match your ICP. Your existing tools such as SeamlessAI and ZoomInfo are good, but they are limited by how many credits you can export and they don’t validate and refresh contact information from LinkedIn, which is the most updated business database on the globe. Lead Harvester will start searching for your ICP on LinkedIn and deliver a validated and enriched contact list without typical credit limits.

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