Automate Microsoft Great Plains Account Payable with a bot!

They are typically required to data-enter Invoices into a system, upload scanned documents, reconcile them with internal records and finally approve for processing payment. However, upon introducing a robot to the AP workow, their focus will change to the following:

We believe that AP robots should be built to precisely match the company’s internal processes and controls since it involves nearly all of a company’s payments outside of payroll.

How does an AP robot work?

Everything starts with an Invoice. Once the bot recognized a vendor sent invoice (either email or scanned PDF upload), the following data is computed using internal records

Then the Invoice is checked against company records for the following reasons:

If all checks out, the bot proceeds to enter the invoice details into the ERP/Accounting system. Usually the bot has to read details like Due Date, payment terms, line items, PO numbers, amount, etc. from a PDF. Each vendor has its own format, beyond that, new formats might appear in the future, or existing formats can change anytime. The robot is thoroughly pre-trained to handle all possible variations.

Then a three-way match is performed for the following documents:

The three-way match involves comparing the following information:

If any of the above items do not reconcile, the Invoice along with all accompanying details will be agged for human review. The robot will compile the necessary documents in one place, for a seamless review process.

Lastly, the bot will present the Invoice for a final human approval before it can be entered into the payment system. The bot can work with any existing approval/processing systems that are currently setup.

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