Robot for Recruiters

Fast + Scalable way to Prospect new Candidates

LinkedIn Recruiter Lite compatibility

Reach 10x more candidates by making the most out of your LinkedIn account.

Outreach and Messaging Automation

Automate everything from connecting to messaging to nurturing.

Works like a human

Let the robot mimic your current workflow. You control the process.

Automate your outreach

Find more qualified job candidates faster without having to grow your team, all while providing your clients with a better service.

Boost your response rates

Get up to 60% more responses by automating your message replies and follow-ups, so your team can focus on more important tasks

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Frequently asked questions

Our robot has limitations and usage to comply with LinkedIn rules with a combination of advanced algorithms. 

 Plena uses RPA (robotic process automation). This allows us automate any process by simply taking over keyboard, mouse and screen controls of the computer and mimicking human actions.

Plena is the fastest growing RPA platform in the mid-market. We have been offering robots to hundreds of companies each year since 2019.

Yes. Depending on usage Plena offers multiple tiers of bulk licenses.

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