Robot for lead generation

Fast + Scalable way to Grow your Pipeline

Lead Generation - The ONLY scraping tool you need!

Based on the target buyer described, the robot will find leads from sources such as LinkedIn, ZoomInfo, SeamlessAI, Google Business, Facebook, etc. Typically large scale data extraction from such sites is either not feasible or is expensive. Doing the work manually is extremely time consuming. Our robot can scrape the necessary details you need while cross referencing multiple sources for accuracy. Having high quality leads with validated contact information is essential to prevent spams and losing domain credibility.

Prospecting - Outreach via LinkedIn

There is no better place for B2B sales these days than LinkedIn. It is the most accurate and up-to-date platform because everybody volunteers their information and opts in to be engaged. The biggest challenge with selling on LinkedIn is the tedious and manual nature of the interface. Creating new connections, initiating messaging cadence and withdrawing stale requests takes several hours a day. Most reps don’t even come close to the daily limit of activity allowed on LinkedIn for the aforementioned reason.

Follow-ups are the key to adding new prospects to a sales pipeline. In order to set a demo via LinkedIn it takes an average of 4 messages. Imagine performing 100 new outreaches a day and then following up with each until they are disqualified or a demo is set. This is where a bot can help. Depending on industry one can expect a consistent flow or 2-8 demos/day.


Example: Rep wants to target people in a certain industry, title, location, etc., that have changed jobs in the last 90 days: Just create that criteria and the bot will do the rest.


Sales Rep creates criteria 

Robot logs into LinkedIn and reads profiles one by one
Robot cross references profile against SeamlessAI
Robot compiles a detailed list of prospects along with all relevant information

Sales Ops uploads new leads

What is a Plena robot?

Robot is a software program that takes over the keyboard, mouse & screen of the computer and works just like a human. Sales teams use Plena robots in order to mimic their existing workflow at scale.

Note: RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is designed to simply replace human workflow upon existing user interface, so as to not violate any terms with your software vendors.