Robot for lead generation

Fast + Scalable way to Grow your Pipeline

Automate the boring parts of Sales

Based on the target buyer described, robots will:

  1. Find Contacts
  2. Enrich from 5 different sources
  3. Automate prospecting 
  4. Get active buyers list

Combine: LinkedIn + Top 5 Providers + Public websites

Always start with LinkedIn:  LinkedIn is the #1 source of Professional profiles. People actively update their job details along with hundreds of data points. We always start our list-building using LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

Enrich (Email + Phone) from 5 Databases: Don’t lock yourself into a contract with just one provider. Cross-reference contact-info across multiple providers. No single company has the “best data”. Curate your list by leveraging the top 5.

Robot crawls the internet to verify: Plenty of useful data is available on public websites. This is gathered by Google along with state and local agencies for business registration, personnel verification, etc. Plena’s robots are constantly monitoring these sites and extracting valuable information. 

One-Click List building:  Use your precious time to close deals. Robots will build, verify and deliver the most detailed list to your inbox. Your time is worth infinitely more than you think!

Active Buyers

Example: Rep wants to target people in a certain industry, title, location, etc., that have changed jobs in the last 90 days: Just create that criteria and the bot will do the rest.


Sales Rep creates criteria 

Robot finds ideal LinkedIn profiles to target

Robot cross references contact details across various sources

Robot initiates a sequence 

Robot continues the process all the way to CRM

What is a Plena robot?

Robot is a software program that takes over the keyboard, mouse & screen of the computer and works just like a human. Sales teams use Plena robots in order to mimic their existing workflow at scale.

Note: RPA (Robotic Process Automation) is designed to simply replace human workflow upon existing user interface, so as to not violate any terms with your software vendors.