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Plena digital robots carry out repetitive processes so your accounting team can focus on the bigger picture

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Accounts Payable digital Robots

Reclaim lost hours doing repetitive work

65% of Sales and 85% of Accounting time can be freed.

Robots not only relieve employees from repetitive, manual and downright boring work, it also enables them to produce more with less. Example- A sales rep can sell more deals if the robot is generating demos

Robot sets Demos

Manual outreach and follow ups is limiting your pipeline

Robot leverages reliable networks like LinkedIn to prospect your ideal buyers at scale.

Sending messages, initiating connections, nurturing prospects, following or liking their activity is time consuming work. However high volume of such activity is needed to fuel the top of the funnel. Plena robot takes care of everything except cold calling

Reconciliation digital Robots
Accounts Receivable Digital Robots

Few people + Robot

Produce more output with fewer people

Enhance the following roles with a bot:

What is RPA?

(Robotic Process Automation)

Digital Robots

Robots are software that take control of the keyboard, mouse and screen of any computer to perform operations and make logical decisions by clicking/typing on any window or file.

Full Automation

Automate an entire process from start to finish- with little to no human interaction. Digital robots perform tasks just like humans; except they don’t make mistakes and never get tired!


The Plena platform facilitates a very short (5-day) build cycle. Other RPA platforms require weeks or month to implement and cost significantly more money. Check out our ROI calculator to see if you should consider RPA for your company.

System Agnostic

Plena robots use the screen, mouse and keyboard of the native computer. They can open and interact with ANY existing application: old/new, cloud/on-premise.

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Plena robots have been developed for a variety of workflows across companies from all industries

Plena User Stories

“I have been looking for a tool to scale my sales efforts without hiring expensive headcount. This tool delivers.” 

Impact Funds

“Plena has cut down our payroll time significantly, and has made reporting to our team 200% more sharp and professional. They help us organize our compensation & books of business for all our reps from multiple compensation feeds.”


“Plena has taken a large portion of the accounting burden off my shoulders. I rely on their reports and numbers with full confidence! Their RPA Platform saves us a significant amount of time each week.”

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