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The most complete automated prospecting system for small and medium businesses.

Are you utilizing contact lookup searches from your data provider to add thousands of extra leads without spending more money and time?

Are you sending 800 targeted and personalized LinkedIn InMails per month? Most struggle to send the typical 50. With 10 minutes a day, our LinkedIn Prosector tool can do this for you. Easy.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

Automated LinkedIn profile browsing.

#1 for data quality. Don’t fill your CRM with poor data.

Relationship building.

Automated and personalized profile outreach.

Automated follow-up

What is RPA?

(Robotic Process Automation)

Digital Robots

Robots are software that take control of the keyboard, mouse and screen of any computer to perform operations and make logical decisions by clicking/typing on any window or file.

Full Automation

Automate an entire process from start to finish- with little to no human interaction. Digital robots perform tasks just like humans; except they don’t make mistakes and never get tired!


The Plena platform facilitates a very short (5-day) build cycle. Other RPA platforms require weeks or month to implement and cost significantly more money. Check out our ROI calculator to see if you should consider RPA for your company.

System Agnostic

Plena robots use the screen, mouse and keyboard of the native computer. They can open and interact with ANY existing application: old/new, cloud/on-premise.

Doing B2B sales?

Plena robots have helped businesses in many industries

Plena User Stories

“I have been looking for a tool to scale my sales efforts without hiring expensive headcount. This tool delivers.” 

Impact Funds

“Plena robots have cut down our cost per lead by 250%”


“Plena robots set 8 demos/day on average. Our new problem is that we are busy qualifying leads”

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Nate Block


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Jen Oswald

BDR Manager
Richard Smith

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